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We're All Different ...
Most people from countries like the United States, Canada, Russia, and South-Africa for example, prefer to use the search term "Google themes" when doing a web search for my themes.
But ...
People from countries, like China, Colombia and Poland, prefer to use the search term "Chrome themes" when doing their searches.
The Same ...
So, It doesn't matter where you came from or how you got here. 

My themes are carefully created and beautifully detailed for your Google Chrome web browser.

They are all free to download, right in the web store and most importantly, they are used & loved by millions of people, just like you, but different.
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Want to remove a theme?
You can easily remove any theme you have installed. So, if ya basic:
Open your Google Chrome web browser.
At the top right, [three dot bar] - click it.
Look for "Settings" in the pop-up menu & click on it. (This opens "chrome://settings/" in a new tab.)
Scroll the page - Look for "Appearance" - click on the "Reset to default" button.
Viola!   You should now see the default Google Chrome theme again. Which is cool, but you're not Google.
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So, what I am up to ...
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