What are Chrome Themes?

Google Chrome themes or Chrome skins are lightweight extensions or add-ons that you can add to your web browser to change it's appearance.

Google Chrome themes are a great way to customize your browser and make it your own. With thousands of different themes available on the internet, you can find a good selection of Google themes right here on chromethemer.com

How to Install a Theme?

Simply follow the theme you have selected back to the Chrome Store and click on the "Add to Chrome" button. Then wait a few seconds for your new theme to automatically install. If it's Not what you expected? Click on "Undo" to instantly remove it.

Change the Background

You can change the background with perfectly sized, high quality wallpaper backgrounds. Quirky designs keep things lighthearted and fun. Download beautiful hd wallpaper backgrounds and add a little personality into your devices.

How to Remove a Theme?

You can either install any other theme you like better to overwrite your current theme, or follow these simple steps below to reset chrome to the default theme.
1  -   Open up Chrome.
2  -   Click on the three dots more_vert in the upper-right corner of your window.
3  -   Go to "Settings" in the drop-down menu and click it.   This opens up the settings screen.
4  -   Look for "Appearance" in the left side-bar menu.
5  -   Click on   launch   "Reset to Default" next to "Themes".

Customized Quality

With chromethemer.com you know you always get the best quality Chrome themes for your computer. I have been making themes since 2016 and I have many diffrent themes that you can choose from and Install for free. Originality and quality sometimes work best together and with chromethemer you always get the best themes. Have a peek at Nebula or Aurora to get a feel for the quality that you can expect here.

Creating themes for Chrome has always been one of my favorite things to do and I try my best to have something new ready for you everytime you visit.

Chromethemer.com is always a work in progress. All Chrome themes , extensions and wallpapers featured here may be updated or removed without any notice. Should you require any additional help or if you have any questions please contact me or if you are impressed with the site Donate to make it better.